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Romance of Three Kingdoms 11 + PUK (power up kit) JP + Translati
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Rotk Romance of Three Kingdom Romance of Three kingdoms ROTK 11 ROTK11 PUK Power up Kit Sangokushi 11 Sangokush 11+PUK ROTK 11+PUK Romance Koei Three Kingdom Three Kingdoms Romance of the three kingdo
2011-09-19 14:51:07 GMT

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Romance of Three Kingdoms XI by Koei with the power up kit (JP version), I looked forever and finally found this on a Brazil website so making it easier for everyone.  

This is not my work, I don't take credit. Please buy the english version from Keoi I have, but the game is MUCH better AI etc with the JP version + PUK.  Support the game so they translate it into more languages in the future!

Steps (might not be entirely accurate)

1. Unrar
2. a. open the folders, mount Sang11 iso and start the install from INSTALL dir
   b. Mid-install mount the file from the GAME dir and finish
3. Copy the 2 game patches 1.0 and 1.2 from the patch dir to the install dir where the game is at
4. Run Sang11 Patch 1.0
5. Run Sang11 patch 1.2
6. Mount the PUK iso and install
7. Open the translation patch .rar, and overwrite contents of the main install dir
8. Run the game from the translation patch .exe

There may be better translation patches out there, but this one works.

Have fun and buy the english version from Koei (with out the improved ai D:)


additional translations, add them in if you desire more text translated.

Please comment if you find more complete translations of the game.

Fyi the combination of all is the Cao cao 1.5 ver + additional work by several other translators
I am having problems with step 6. After I mount the PUK iso I get an error when trying to install it. Can someone help?
are you still having trouble? Did you make sure to close the launcher from the first? Also you may need to run with administrator privs let me know if this doesn't work
I tried to do as you you said (i.e. closed launcher from first and run as administrator), but no luck :(.

What actually happens (after I mount and try to install the San11PK.iso), is that the launcher initially starts and gets to a black screen with the San11 logo (top left corner), and copyrights disclaimer in bottom right corner of screen (this takes about 5 seconds to reach), then I get a "MSG_NO_MAIN_ERROR" pop up menu that forced me to abort installation.

The no "NoCD" patch also doesn't seem to work as San11game (without PUK) stops working when the San11game.mds is "un-mount'ed". I figured maybe the "MSG_NO_MAIN_ERROR" means the San11PK.iso file can't find the San11game.mds. So I mounted two virtual drives one with San11.mds and the other to mount San11PK.iso but still no luck. Which brings me to another question? should the San11PK file be a .iso instead of a .mds? (like the San11game which is a .mds file).
try deleting the PK iso and redownloading it. I didn't install the no-cd patch for san11 myself, only the PK version
I can't seem to download it any more. When I click on "download this torrent" all I am getting is a file that is about 10mb and looks like a "blank" document icon.
Never mind- didn't have utorrent open lol. Anyway, will download again and retry.
Deleted PK and re-downloaded the whole thing (including San11). Still no luck with step 6. Anyway, thanks for replying/helping.
give me a way to contact you and i'll give you a torrent of the installed dir on my hardrive that should solve your problem. Btw loading screen is black for me too until you left/right click past 2 screens/movies you can't see, then it goes to 'loading'
you can contact me via email:

[email protected]

p.s. the game runs fine without the PUK. Just can't seem to get the PUK installed.
are you doing this exactly?

> install sang11, cd 1 & 2
> install update 1.0 and 1.2
> install PUK

don't mess with the no cd patches if you want PUK until all steps done
Yes exactly that and without "no cd" patches. I even tried copying and pasting the contents of the PK.iso to install dir and then using the setup.exe within the .iso to install the PUK from within San11 game dir, but still no luck.
I'm not sure what the problem is, I'm using win 7 and reinstalled it twice without any issues. Maybe you need to download JP language packs for your windows
just wanted to say that everything works fine:) I own the 'normal' english version, but this is even more fun! It could be even better if this just would get 100% translated...
You sir are a god. I've got the English version also, but without the PUK the AI isn't that great. I scoured the net numerous times for the PUK trying to get the most recent version of updates and the PUK all in one lang but without success. Thank you so much for this!
So wait, does this work with the English version of the game? If so, does it overwrite any English text files to where Japanese text is shown in the game? (Hopefully not because I like to understand the game I'm playing.)

Bail95 thank you very much for sharing. For some reason I like to play the same games as you do.. I have seeded all your torrents before.
Keep uploading good stuffs. I really hope for something like tendou with english patch.
any1 know how to created new officer without using hex or van editor?
Can't install puk whenever i try a message appears citing the pathways to the game and launcher with question marks.
Hello Bail95,
torrent downloads fine,
but when i try to install there is an error on first install screen in japanese.
i am unable to install.
Can you give a torrent of the installed dir on your hardrive.
thnx please respond as early as possible.
My email address: [email protected]
Nice job and good translations but you forgot the puk scenario ladies at war.
I don't read / write japanese or chinese, I put this mish-mash together a few years ago and uploaded what I got working finally to save others the effort. I won't be of much assistance (I havn't played in at least a year)
Please re-seed this. I absolutely love this game with PUK and cannot find it anywhere else.