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Video > TV shows
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2007-02-12 08:21:41 GMT

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What is the point of uploadin if you don't seed it? So how about it? SEED!
Where are the seeds?
Nu kommer jag skicka tills jag kommit hem från jobbet, riktigt najs kollll
I love the "why don't you seed?"-post of idiots in the morning...
"What is the point of uploadin if you don't seed it? So how about it? SEED!"

"Where are the seeds?"

I don't think some people here understand the nature of torrents...
Cheevari, you should look at the episode before making stupid comments. This is not a fake.
This is not fake picture 8/10 sound 7/10 så shut the f up you whining noobs and seed urselves
kollll is one of the best uploades on TPB.
so... SCHHHHHzzzz!!!....
thx for the up mate.
Yay! Finally a new episode! ( There wasn't one last week right? )
Error (access denied, peers limit reached)
so many morons writing here I'm almost falling off my chair... great upload!
thanks for the up.
thanks for the upload, man. but does anyone have this as an AVI file? please say yes!!!!
I am having some trouble with the sound on this episode. it is imposible to hear the people talk becasuse of the music in front. does anyone als have the same problem if not does anyone know what might be the problem and how to fix it?

I uploaded an episode of a tv show and I would like it to appear in the "TV Shows" section. How do I get it to be listed with the other episodes of that show?
How come this episode is not showing in the RSS feed?
i bust kolll's nuts for no screens but half the cool shit i dl comes from his ass thanx man keep it up
There is a problem with the audio, LordDragor. It is encoded badly (MP3? why?) and can cause an error on some players. Mine worked OK with the CCCP codec pack.
I can´t get any audio and I have downloaded all the codecs necessary, including the new Xvid codecs, still no luck, any help, please?
I burned this with Nero 7 and the sound is not synched. It seems to play fine on the computer. Any suggestions?
Tack, merci, danke, gracias, thank you!
I have not dld this episode, but free media player vlc is a silver bullet for all problems.
I want to burn this to a DVD- without having sound synch issues. How can I do that?
Something odd with the audio - vocals muffled but still listenable. Using VLC but same with Quicktime.

Not the greatest of episodes - a bit of a filler

Thanks 4 it anyway
again, many thanks :)
bahahahahaha u guys has been arse fuckt by the MPAA, this tracker is hosted by Bitdefender this is a fake torrent, this is fake as all others i knwo everu tracker they use and this one is on the list...fuck you MPAA and bitdefender