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Video > Movies
721.3 MiB (756334808 Bytes)
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2006-12-08 20:05:45 GMT

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Genre: Comedy
Plot Outline: Kazakhstani TV talking head Borat (Cohen) is dispatched 
to the United States to report on the greatest country in the world. 
With a documentary crew in tow, Borat becomes more interested in 
locating and marrying Pamela Anderson.
User Rating: ********__ 8.0/10 (31,208 votes)

Pal Anamorphic with line audio.  Russian audio + menu + extras stripped.


Asteroids/nbp/royal used heavily filtered audio, here is a proper with LINE audio.
Release has also be retagged to correct format name.
Also note to hafvcd, this is a real r5, unlike that casino royale ts u pred 
last night!

Think you have something to offer? email us at: [email protected]
This is not the p2p support email address, we do not post our rls on p2p and
won't help you in any way. Also we don't want affil offers, so pls don't email.
Note on R5/TC's

Over the past 6 months the major movie studios have been releasing retail dvds 
early in Russia.  They do this to stop the widespread use of pirated telecines 
(which were once very common).  Lately however there has been very few real 
telecines, most of the scene telecines you see are actually R5 retails.  
R5 retail is rushed out by the studio, they are basically competing with 
pirates, so there is little to no cleanup of the film after the telecine 
process.  So the main difference between telecines put out by the pirates is
that the r5's are done using pro equipment, professional studios and 
professional people.  The quality of R5 retail is very similar to dvdscr's,
 no time is usually spent cleaning up dvdscrs either.

The range of  quality we now have is like this.
R1/2 retail > DVDSCR > R5 Retail > Telecine > Telesync > Cam.  
Vhs scr and wps, come around the ts mark (obviously differs between rls).

We will be tagging future releases as follows:

Tag: R5   Example:  Moviename.R5.format-group

Description: Any R5 retail with english audio will be tagged as this.  
In the past R5 with english audio has been wrong tagged as, 
(ex: Trust.The.Man.LiMiTED.DVDSCR.DVDR-BOOM) and DVDRip 
(ex: The.Matador.2005.DVDRiP.XviD-HLS).  
We want to cut this bullshit, and just tag as R5, not as dvdrip, 
just a new category:  R5.

Tag: R5.LINE   Example: Moviename.R5.LINE.format-group

Any R5 retail, which hasn't got english audio will be synced to DIRECT 
english audio and tagged as R5.LINE.  In the past these have been 
tagged as TC (ex: Crank.TC.XviD-ZN) and DVDSCR
(ex: Ice.Age.2.The.Meltdown.DVDSCR.XViD-DaNK).

Tag: TC  Example Moviename.TC.format-group

Any illegally produced non studio telecine, should be tagged TC.  

Basically we are sick of whats happening, somebody has to make a stand,
just look at the whole pirates of the caribbean mess!



jag e n00b men ändå :P...jag har laddat ner en swesub till den här men jag kan i nte få svensk text på filmen..hur gör man ?
bra kvalle tack
När jag fixar text till filmer så bränner jag bara dom 2 filerna till en DVD. Notera att undertextfilen och filmen måste ha samma namn.


För att se en avi-film med sub är det enklast att använda vlc. Filerna i samma mapp, samma filnamn (utom ändelsen), högerklicka i tex filmen, välj subtitles, track1

För att konvertera till dvd m sub kan man använda VSO.ConvertXToDVD (lr ngt annat prog?)
great upload. only thing is the last 5 minutes are crap quality, anyone else have this problem?
Varför kan ingen sätta ihop alla 53 filer till EN enda fil isället så slipper man hålla på å krångla!
I downloaded this long ago. It's great, audio is the only slight issue. You don't notice it after a while, as it goes to mono. Video is perfect. Great upload, thanks a lot.
Oh yeah, the last 5 minutes or so are pretty crappy... Pixelated, still viewable, mostly credits.
I can't get this on DVD...Help!
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